Camcorder video tapes to DVD or digital
VHS tapes conerted to DVD
VCR tapes to DVD
Watch old videos again

In the 1970s and 80s videotapes began to replace film as the primary media for capturing and saving home movies as well as more professionally produced programming such as broadcast television. While innovative at the time, many of these formats are now decades old and magnetic media such as video tape has a limited shelf life. Today the issue increasingly becomes the rarity of VCRs and camcorders to play back your tapes.. Transferring to digital MP4 files and DVD discs guarantees you will be able to enjoy your content well into the future.

Family Unwrapping


"I wanted you to know that I am very pleased with the conversion of my brother is very happy too! Nice job and as soon as I get my hands on the High-8 tapes I will be in touch."     - Larry C.

VHS, 8mm, miniDV transfer to discor USB


Video Tapes (All Formats) to MP4
Files on a USB Thumb Drive 

# of Tapes         Price Each

  • 1-10               

  • 11-25       

  • 26-50      

  • 51-75       

  • 76-100    

  • 101 +        







Video Tapes (All Formats) to USB Thumb Drive + DVD Discs 

# of Tapes        Price Each      

  • 1-10               

  • 11-25       

  • 26-50      

  • 51-75       

  • 76-100    

  • 101 +        







Other Services 

Additional USB Drive Copies
$10 - $35 depending on size


Extra DVD Copies
$8 per disc for single cases

$5 + $3 per disc for multi-disc cases  

Rip Video DVD to MP4 Files on USB Drive
$11 to $16 based on quantity (priced
same as videotape to MP4 transfers)


Burn Digital Video Files to DVD Disc(s)
$20 per disc (2 Hours max.) 

Videotape Repair
$15 to $35 depending on format

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We can convert virtually any video tape format to either DVD or MP4 file on a USB thumb drive. At best quality a DVD holds one to two hours so typically each videotape gets transferred to its own disc. Likewise MP4 files are transferred as one file per original tape, however USB thumb drives and external hard drives hold much more data, so a large number of transferred data can be put onto a single drive.

Consumer Formats

  • VHS, VHS-C and S-VHS (Super VHS)

  • 8mm Video, Hi8 and Digital-8

  • miniDV and HDV

  • BetaMax

  • Laserdisc

  • Video-CD, DVD and Blu-ray
    (Non-copyrighted content only)

Professional Formats

  • BetaCam SP

  • 3/4" U-Matic

Digital Devices

  • Smart phones

  • Tablets

  • Hard Disc Camcorders

  • SD and Other Memory Cards

Transferring a video to DVD


We realize the memories on your videos are irreplaceable, so we strive to treat all of your materials with the greatest care.  Prior to transfers all record tabs are removed and videotapes are rewound and checked for proper video and sound before the transfer process begins. Video from the compatible player is fed into a standalone DVD recorder or MP4 encoding unit, both of which use high quality hardware encoding for a superb transfer. All original tapes are returned to the customer along with their new digital media. Not sure if you want your videos in DVD or MP4 format? Check out this blog post for more information.

Repair broken video tape


If you have damaged videotapes we can come to the rescue! We can disassemble, re-splice and re-assemble your tape so it can then be transferred. We can also work with damaged CD and DVD discs to recover content from them as well.

DVD case optins


We offer several options for packaging of your discs. Full size Amaray style DVD cases can hold anywhere for 1 to 10 discs. For large quantity jobs (typically 20 or more) we can also put discs into sleeves inserted into a 3-ring binder for the most effecient way of saving space.

Additional copies of converted tapes


Once tapes are converted, extra copies are a snap! We have several types of USB and disc duplicators than can run off anywhere from a single copy to dozens more..

Custom video editing


Once you have viewed your transferred video, you may want to add, delete, or rearrange content to make it more watchable in the future. Through a very simple process you can log all of your changes in the comfort of your own home, then provide us with the information and we can revitalize your videos by adding music, narration, color correction, titles, and special effects.