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Reel to rReel Tape to CD
Audio Cassettes to CD or MP3
Audio Reel Transfers
Record Albums Converted to CD

In addition to our video, film, and photo transfer services, Goodheart Media also provides quality audio transfer services as well. There are a number of analog and digital formats that can be converted to audio CD or MP3 audio files for convenient listening.

Music Class


"Thanks so much for transferring my sister-in-law's albums to CD's.  I didn't expect to get the original albums back, but I know she will be happy to have them for their sentimental value."



Audio Cassette to MP3 Files on a USB Thumb Drive 

Starting price is $17 per tape for the first batch of 10 tapes. For each additional batch of 10, the price drops by $1 per tape. To add an audio CD disc as well add $3 per tape. All tapes can fit onto a single USB drive; CDs require a separate disc for each tape.

       Quantity                   Price Each

  • Tapes 1-10                 $17

  • Tapes 11-20               $16

  • Tapes 21-30               $15     

  • Tapes 31-40               $14       

  • Tapes 41-50               $13    

  • Tapes 51-60               $12

  • Tapes 61-70               $11

  • Tapes 71-80               $10

  • Tapes 81-90                 $9

  • Tapes 91+                     $8

Reel to Reel Audio Tapes to MP3 Files on USB Thumb Drive

Add $3 per tape for additional audio CD.

Reel Size          Price Each

  • 3"                 $12        

  • 4"                 $18

  • 5"                 $25

  • 6"                 $30

  • 7"                 $35

  • 10.5"           $35

33 1/3 RPM Records to MP3 Files on a USB Thumb Drive 

Starting price is $17 per record for the first 10 . For each batch of 10 additional, the price drops by $1 per tape. To add a CD disc as well add $3 per tape.

       Quantity                   Price Each

  • Records 1-10                 $17

  • Records 11-20               $16

  • Records 21-30               $15     

  • Records 31-40               $14       

  • Records 41-50               $13    

  • Records 51-60               $12

  • Records 61-70               $11

  • Records 71-80               $10

  • Records 81-90                 $9

  • Records 91+                     $8

45/78 RPM Records to MP3 Files on a USB Thumb Drive 

Starting price is $12 per record for the first batch of 20 . For each additional batch of 20, the price drops by $1 each up to 100. To add an audio CD disc as well add $3 per tape.

       Quantity                   Price Each

  • Record1-2                 $12

  • Records 21-40                $11

  • Records 41-60                $10     

  • Records 61-80                  $9       

  • Records 81-100                $8    

  • Records 100+                    $7

Other Services 

Additional USB Drive Copies

• 16GB: $10     • 32GB:   $15

• 64GB: $20     • 128GB: $30  


Extra CD Copies
$8 per disc for single cases

$5 + $3 per disc for multi cases 

Burn Digital Audio Files to CD Disc(s)
$25 per 80 minute disc

Cassette Repair

• Standard $30
• Micro: $40

Sony MiniDisc Transfers
Priced same as audio cassettes 

Rip CD to MP3 Files on USB Thumb Drive
Same price as cassette to MP3 transfers

33, 45, and 78 RPM Records


We can convert most audio formats to either CD or MP3 digital file. While an audio CD is limited to 80 minutes of content, MP3 files can be of any length and can be delivered on a data CD, data DVD, or USB thumb drive.

Audio Tape

  • Standard Audio Cassettes

  • Micro Cassettes

  • 1/4" Reel to Reel 

Record Albums

  • 33 RPM Long Play

  • 45 RPM Singles

  • 78 RPM

Digital Formats

  • CD to MP3 or MP3 to CD

  • Sony miniDisc Format

Reel to Reel Audio Tape Transfer


All audio sources are played in their original formats and recorded directly to a dedicated audio workstation as uncompressed audio files. If needed, basic noise reduction, equalization and volume normalization are made before data is exported to uncompressed WAV format (for Audio CDs) or MP3 Audio File (At high quality 256kbps data rate). Other output formats are also available upon request.

Audio Cassette Repair


If you have damaged audio tapes we can come to the rescue! We can disassemble cassettes, re-splice and re-assemble your tape so it can then be transferred. We can also work with damaged CD discs to recover content from them as well.

Audio CD Duplication


Your conversions are made, extra copies are a snap! We have several types of disc duplicators than can run off anywhere from a single copy to hundreds more. We can also make additional copies of MP3 or other types of audio files onto multiple USB thumb drives.

Audio Editing and Noise Reduction


Once you have listened to your transferred content, you may want to add, delete, or rearrange parts.. Through a very simple process you can log all of your changes in the comfort of your own home, then provide us with the information and we can create an edited version for you.

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