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Stepping Out From Behind the Camera

There's a reason I studied video production in school. I got to play with the latest and greatest equipment. I got to work with great people on a variety of great projects, from small films to sports coverage to corporate videos and more. What I NEVER wanted to do was be in FRONT of the lens! BUT, in this era of YouTube (I'll admit, I'm addicted to channels about guitars and guitar gear) everyone needs to step out from the shadows once in a while, especially with the advent of AI generated images and video. Pretty soon we won't know what is real, right? Well, I'm certain no AI would generate my blah, goofy persona on purpose! So, in the interests of both promoting our business, and to experience what it's really like in front of the lens, we created the first in a series of YouTube videos that will go in-depth about our media transfer services. Go ahead...check it out here:

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As Affleck, Cruise, Damon, and Reynolds were not available to star in our first offering, I decided that I had to take the bullet. After decades of being behind the camera, urging regular folk to relax in front of the lens, and silently wondering why paid talent weren't nailing everything on the first take, I can now sympathize. After many, many, MANY takes - enough to make Stanley Kubrick proud - I felt like I got a decent enough performance from myself that I could cobble something together, to "fix it in post", as we like to say.

Heck, it's only YouTube, right? Many a YouTube channel's success has been based solely on the personality of it's host. As I currently lack one ( a personality), I will scour the interwebs and see if there's one available, maybe used on Ebay. Until then, I will keep making videos, probably until someone pays me to stop. Is there an Instagram filter than can make my dogs appear to talk for me? They are much, much more photogenic than I am. Everyone likes cute puppies, right?

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