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Easy Steps to Preparing Your Photos for a Video Slide Show

Custom photo slide shows can be a great way to reminisce with others, especially when included as part of larger events such as birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, and more. Over the years, Goodheart Media has created hundreds of slide show videos for our clients, ranging from short, simple projects to much longer and complex creations. However, the process always starts with the customer. Proper planning before you bringing in materials to us ensures a smooth process so that the final video is as good as it can be.

Photo slide show creation
Creating a custom slide show from your photos is easy by following a few simple steps

Here are a few basic steps to help plan the content for your slide show video:

1. Decide how long you want your slide show to be. Assume approximately 10 photos per minute. So a 10 minute slide show would consist of about 100 images, and utilize music from 2-3 songs.

2. Put your photos in order. Number the back with a ballpoint pen or pencil. For digital photos, rename each file with the appropriate number. Remember to use at least 3 digits and leading zeros (i.e., 001, 002, etc.) Our software will sort the files alphanumerically as we create the video.

3. Pick your music. If possible, time each song so you can determine your project’s overall duration. Music can be brought in on CDs, as files on a USB drive, or we can purchase and download songs for you. List the order in which you would like the songs played. During editing we will perform a subtle cross-fade between the end of each song and the beginning of the next so the music will flow naturally.

4. Sometimes longer slide shows are best when photos are grouped into sections, with specific songs used for each. For example, a 50th wedding anniversary video might have four sections, starting with the bride and groom as children, then adults, then getting married, then ending with later years involving children and grandchildren. In this scenario, treat each section as its own individual project. Use the timing rule of thumb from above (approximately 10 photos per minute) and physically separate photos into separate envelopes or zip lock bags. Number them with section and order, i.e. 01-001, 01-002, etc. for first section, 02-001, 02-002, etc. for second section, and so on.

5. Decide if you would like any opening or closing titles on the slide show. We can also do custom printing on DVDs and case inserts.

And that's it! With the above information, we can create a video from your photos that you'll want to watch over and over again.


Marc Vadeboncoeur is the owner of Goodheart Media Services, a professional video production company which also specializes in video, audio, film and photo transfers as well as disc and USB duplication. He can be reached via the company web site at

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